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  1. Jeremy and Jinger,

    We wanted to share with you that as a young Christian couple, the two of you handled your courtship in a Christ honoring, biblical and classy manner!

    It is refreshing to see a young couple come together to serve our God! The two if you worked diligently to prepare yourselves for ministry. God and the The preparation, brought the two of you together to create a team that will honor God in your marriage.

    What a difficult task to court in the public eye. However, I want to not only congratulate you for your steady, God driven courtship but also to commend you both for sharing your testimony and Godly courtship with the youth of this nation! Our nation needed to see a relationship founded on God and a love story so fulfilling when you trust God for your partner in life. Young people are bombarded with the "world's" sinful dating system. Thank you for showing a courtship based upon God's Word.

    May the two of you find joy in serving Him! "....and the life which we now live, we live b. the faith of the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us". The two of you exercised that faith by waiting on Him to provide your life-mate!

    What an excellent example the two of you are in representing God as the "center of your lives"!

    God Bless the two of You, your life together and your ministry wherever God takes you!

    Again, thank you for sharing your love story!